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2010, mild and salvage steel

Dandelion was born out of the “Infinitarium” installation commissioned for Burning Man, 2010. Thirteen oversize botanical plants and trees invited guests to enter the garden and enjoy nature from the perspective of a tiny bug. This “scale reversal” allows us to see the dramatic and delicate qualities of nature and better understand our place in the environment and our impact upon it.

Dandelion is a whimsical and multi-faceted sculpture, capturing various stages of life; one flower head still closed and incubating, one flower head bristling with seeds that can grant wishes when blown to the wind, and the mature flower head which is left bare after the season. This Dandelion is one of many that has found its way through the cracks of urban sidewalks. It is as gregarious as it is beautiful, designed to survive even in the harshest conditions. It stands as a symbol of strength, hope, and endurance.

Originally designed with flame effects, The Dandelion features unique LED lighting features in each of the flower heads and within the leaves at ground level.

Dandelion has also enjoyed exhibitions at U.N. Plaza, San Francisco, CA the Uptown Art Park, Oakland, CA.

height : 24’
weight : 2500 lbs
footprint : 32 x 32’
installation : Variable reach forklift or small capacity crane
engineering : The tips of each of the leaves are anchored to the ground